HKS Super Oil Premium 5w30

HKS Super Oil Premium Diesel 7.5w44

SynPower MST SAE 5W40

DENSO Design Blade - Premium (DDP Series Aerodynamic & Low Profile Design Graphite Coated )

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Valvoline VR-1 Racing 15W40 is a race-proven lubricant formulated to provide high load carrying characteristics, minimum foaming and maximum resistance to thermal degradation. Exclusive chemistry reduces internal friction and enhances power output under extreme service conditions. It is recommended for engines burning gasoline and full or partial alcohol fuels in track and street service. Valvoline VR-1 Racing 15W40 is recommended for use in cars, light truck, van, or SUV where API  SM  is recommended.

For GASOLINE ENGINE (API/SN standard product)

  • API/SN standard products have been added to the high cost performance model of the HKS engine oil series, 100% thin oil “SUPER OIL Premium” series, which maximizes the original performance of the engine.
  • It can be used for all types of vehicles such as turbo cars, NA cars, and eco cars.


  • 100% synthetic oil “SUPER OIL Premium” with the latest prescription and viscosity selection designed exclusively for a diesel engine is newly released from high cost performance HKS engine oil series that is well known to maximize the engine performance.
  • Maintains oil film at a high level in high temperature range and available for wide applications.
  • 100% synthetic base oil is applicable to a diesel car equipped with DPF. It is ideal for clean diesel cars.

Valvoline Synpower MST 5W40 is premium quality full synthetic motor oil formulated for ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions. This engine oil is designed to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers (OEMs)

Dynamic design

  • Fully covered, stylish, matt black body
  • Low profile, unobtrusive shape
  • Easy to attach to wiper arm
  • Integrated fitting system

Superior performance

  • Common-use vertebra ensure superior surface-hold to the windscreen
  • Rigid, graphite-coated rubber blade for smooth, more efficient wiping performance
  • Longest life time
  • Lowest noise levels on the market
  • Highly resistant to dirt and dust
  • Cover protects the rubber from UV and other weather conditions
  • Better performance in cold conditions; hardly affected by ice or snow

Easy fit

  • Simple OEM click-on fitment, with additional clip supplied for large hook attachment

Attractive design

  • Ultra-slim, aerodynamic design with an unobtrusive, low profile
  • No raised connector clip

Installation Type

  • U-Hook
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