HKS Direct Deposit Remover (Diesel)


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Superior Injector Cleaner
  • Effective for all diesel vehicles including common rail system.
  • Reduction of black smoke can be expected.
Cetane Number improves by 3 points
  • Effective for smooth cold starting and misfiring prevention.
  • Engine power can be recovered.
  • Toxic emissions can be reduced.
Gas oil lubricity improves
  • Effectively extends the life of fuel injection pump, etc.
  • Available for sulphur-free gas oil.
Safe to use.
  • Product evaluation conducted.


1 in stock

Injector Cleanliness

* Deposit on the spark plug and/or combustion chamber can be easily removed. Also, high concentrated Hyper-succinimide can remove deposit on injectors of the diesel engine so the original engine performance can be easily recovered.

Cetane Number improved by 3 points

* Tested at an outside research center.

* Cetane number is a measure of fuel’s ignition delay; the time period between the start of injection and start of combustion (ignition) of the fuel. The range of cetane numbers is usually from 15 to 100. Higher speed diesels operate more effectively with higher cetane number.

Gas oil lubricity improved.

*100℃x700 hours soaked (4000volppm). 
  No metal corrosion was found.

Frequency of Use
  • Add 250ml of DDR per 75L fuel.
  • Add every 6 months or 5000km.
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